IWTMC 2018

IWTMC 2018
International  Workshop on Transition Metal Clusters
5-7 September 2018
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We are pleased to warmly invite you to attend the 6th International Workshop on Transition Metal Clusters (IWTMC) held in Tübingen (Hall of the Museum, first floor, Wilhelmstraße 3) during September 2018.

The structure and chemistry of metal clusters resemble the most interesting impact to inorganic chemistry, with versatile potential of metal clusters extending into various fields of research and development, including photophysics, photochemistry, surface chemistry, and catalysis. Main topics of the conference cover inorganic and hybrid cluster compounds, cluster functionalization, molecular and supramolecular assemblies, nanomaterials, cluster based properties, MOF´s, quantum chemistry, functional surfaces, and clusters in biology and medicine. It will be a unique occasion to share your results and ideas with leading scientists from different parts of the world, in the lively and unique atmosphere in the heart of the city of Tübingen.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Tübingen in September 2018.

The Organizing Committee


Abteilung für Festkörperchemie und
theoretische Anorganische Chemie
Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Auf der Morgenstelle 18
72076 Tübingen


Tel.: 0049/07071/29-76226
Fax: 0049/07071/29-5702


September, 5th 2018
1:00 pm
Start of the workshop
August, 19 th 2018End of Registration
June, 30th 2018End of abstract submission
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